Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A and P show

a couple of days ago we decorated biscuits. Choi was writing reports  so Jane was teaching us. She said that we could make too biscuits, one was for the comp and one was for the us to eat my one was to eat was really yummy the one that went in the comp was a golf flag with a hole and a ball.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

monkey bars

Yesterday day after school i leaned to flip around the monkey bars. My friends have bean trying to help me do it but i never wanted to but now i can do it. I leaned to do it with mum holding me well i went down and then letting go and spotting me well i went around. Then i went over to the yellow monkey bars and hung upside down. Mum said we had to go home i really can't what to tell my friends.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Yesterday I did horse riding.  when we got there I thought I was going to ride Ruby the horse i usually ride but Zoe said i was going to ride Red the new horse. When i sore Red i was really nerviness but when i ride him it was really fun because he was so big his strides were really big and elegant . It was really really fun doing the rising trot on him and really easy.

Monday, September 12, 2016


Yesterday we did foot sill when we started I didn't now what it was but then the teacher told us what foot sill was. The teacher was called Ben he asked us to pair up and get a ball. I paired up with Taylor and then Ben asked Ruben to be his volunteer.

Monkey bar hang

Choi hing us a new inquiry. It is to do with the Olympics and  one of the things we had to do monkey bar hang. Its where you holed on as long as you can. I held on for 26 second. 


Yesterday a little baby lamb came to our class room. Her name was Lavender.Me and my friend Summer held the lamb. The lamb was only a one week old. One of the boys in our  class called Jack owned  the lamb

play date with sylive

In the holidays I had a play date with my friend Sylvie. She came over in the morning  and bang some Lego. She bang  a big Lego car that she made all on her own. we played happily with my toys.